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BCA Member Update Newsletter (affiniscape copy)
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BCA Member Update

Established July 2004 | Contact 

Back Issues

The BCA Member Update archive contains links to all back issues produced to date, in reverse chronological order, with the latest edition at the top of the list. Please click on the top link to access the most recent BCA Member Update.


Issues are scheduled for production in the business weeks of the 15th of each month, with e-mail notification slated for the Fridays following those dates.


An exclusive service to Billiard Congress of America Business members, BCA Member Update is distributed via e-mail monthly and archived online.

Member Records

If you are not receiving BCA e-mails, it's very likely that your member record needs some attention, which you can facilitate by using the "Update Your Profile" feature or by calling 303.243.5070 to share your new information.


Spam Blocking

Since BCA Member Update is delivered as "bulk e-mail," it's possible that your server may view it as spam.  Make sure that all BCA announcements reach your inbox by adding the domain names and, or the e-mail address to your "safe list" of e-mail to be accepted.



Please print and circulate this newsletter widely and feel free to submit your comments or contributions to editor Shane Tyree at


Due to the shifting nature of the Internet, hyperlinks within these documents (to external sites not managed by the BCA) are tested for accuracy as of each issue's release date.  Subsequent changes to those independent sites (or to time-sensitive BCA material) may cause links to become inoperable over time.  If this occurs, please utilize standard Internet search practices to obtain updated information from the originating site.

 Current Issue

Vol. 7 No. 4
  June 15

Back Issues




Vol.7,  No. 3
  May 6

Vol.7, No. 2

   April 6
Vol.7,  No. 1   January 15
Vol.6, No.9
  December 15
Vol.6, No.8
  October 27
Vol.6, No.7
Sept 16
Vol.6, No.6
August 6
Vol.6, No.5
June 18
Vol.6, No.4
May 14
Vol.6, No.3
April 9
Vol.6, No.2
March 5
Vol.6, No.1
January 28
Vol.5, No.13
December 17
Vol.5, No.12
November 20
Vol.5, No.11
October 21
Vol.5, No.10
Sept 11
Vol.5, No.9
August 13
Vol.5, No.8
July 18
Vol.5, No.7
June 19
Vol.5, No.6
June 4
Vol.5, No.5
May 12
Vol.5, No.4
April 10
Vol.5, No.3
March 13
Vol.5, No.2
February 14
Vol.5, No.1
January 22
Vol.4, No.19
December 19
Vol.4, No.18
December 4
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