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Seal of Approval
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BCA Seal of Approval Program

Potential "approved products" are reviewed by the BCA Instructors Product Review Panel in a process that may take up to six weeks of testing and evaluation. The fee to have a product reviewed is $450 and 6 samples are required for academy testing.  Download a Seal of Approval Application or contact the BCA's Shane Tyree at 303.243.5070 for more information.  

BCA Seal of Approval

The BCA Instructor Program, the Professional Billiard Instructors Association awards a “BCA Seal of Approval” for excellent products used in billiard training or teaching.  Products earning the Seal have been tested and approved by the BCA Instructors Product Review Panel and determined to be effective and efficient products for helping players improve their game.  

Any person or company that writes/develops/invents a product intended to help individuals improve their game can apply for a BCA Instructors Seal of Approval. The item will then be reviewed by five qualified BCA Instructors who will test and evaluate the item.   They will evaluate the product based on its effectiveness and efficiency for helping players improve their game or helping instructors teach players.

If four out of five of the reviewers agree that the product is useful and beneficial, the item will be awarded the Seal.  Products earning this designation for their teaching/training capabilities may capitalize on the marketing benefits of the Seal.  Earning this distinction gives the writer/inventor the ability to display the Seal on their packaging and reference the Seal in their promotional materials – including using selected quotes and excerpts of comments from BCA Instructors that reviewed the product during the process.

The review process can also be used to test a review copy or prototype before significant investments for production are committed. This means that an item can be reviewed by the instructors for usefulness and viability in the marketplace before significant expense has been invested in the product.  Although this should not be the only market testing procedure, any submitted product will receive frank and honest opinions on whether BCA Instructors believe students at any level would benefit.

If the product is not approved, the individual/company has the opportunity to make necessary modifications, based on instructor feedback. The item can then be resubmitted (only two resubmissions will be accepted) for a re-evaluation fee of $225.  Requirements for resubmission are the same as the original request for review.  

Applying for BCA Instructors Seal of Approval

Writers/developers/inventors of billiard teaching and training aids who want to apply for the BCA Instructors Seal of Approval must complete the following process: 
  • Download and complete the Seal of Approval Application;
  • Submit the Application with a $450 fee and six samples to the address on the Application.  Include videos, user manuals, marketing materials, packaging, and notes to reviewers – whatever you feel would be helpful to the reviewers.  If you have a limited supply of samples, you may also send only one sample to the address on the Application.   The fee for this process is $500 (The additional $50 fee will be used for postage to send the product to each evaluator).

Approval Process

Five BCA Instructors will review the application and submission. They will provide a complete and detailed written evaluation.  (This may take up to 6 weeks.) All evaluations will be returned at one time. To view the evaluation form, click here.

Once the review process is complete, if four out of the five BCA Instructor reviewers have approved the teaching/training aid, the product will be awarded the Seal.  The applicant will also receive all evaluation feedback from each reviewer.   For more information, please contact Shane Tyree at  

BCA-Approved Products

Triangle Shaft by Delta Cue
Using a traditional round cue is like putting a round peg in a square hole.  As you notice with Delta Cue's Triangle Shaft, it was specifically designed with the idea of creating a shaft that fits comfortably in the hand, regardless of whether you use a closed or open bridge.  Any ordinary round cue has no defined lines like our Triangle Shaft, as such our cue shaft will provide more control, comfort and confidence. 

Delta Cue's Triangle Shaft offers poolplayers a straighter delivery and a sensitive feel for any misalignment.   It is also impossible to twist your wrist as you deliver your stroke, helping players develop a smoother, straighter, and more consistent stroke free from the wrist-twisting syndrome. 

You've read about Delta Cue's Triangle Shaft, now is your chance to experience what many are calling the most innovative idea in billiard cue design since the two-piece cue.   

No question about it, this cue is precision built for maximum playability and will provide players with:more control, more confidence, more comfort, less misalignment, and a straighter stroke delivery.  For more information please visit             

Bank Shot Calculator by Offensive Billiards     
The Bank Shot Calculator by Offensive Billiards, LLC is the first pool training aid of its kind.  It is sure to add confidence to your pool game.

The Bank Shot Calculator provides a mathematically proven calculation and visual display of your shot and displays the exact impact point on the rail the ball should strike enabling you to successfully and consistently execute the most difficult bank shots and kick shots.

Never before has a training aid allowed a player to replicate a bank shot, calculate a solution for that shot, or take the shot with them to study later.  The Bank Shot Calculator does all of this and more!  It even allows you to study bank shots and kick shots when you’re off the playing floor.

The Bank Shot Calculator is compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and is available on iTunes now.  For more information, visit us at  

To download your version of the Bank Shot Calculator, please visit the iTunes store, and search Bank Shot Calculator.      

ProShot Glove by Great Billiards Inc                

The ProShot Glove is a wrist brace designed to correct excessive wrist movement.  The ProShot Glove can provide any player the opportunity to shoot straighter shots, be more consistent, eliminate excess movement in stroke, improve english on the cue ball, minimize lateral wrist movement, and create muscle memory to lock your wrist into its proper position.   

The ProShot Glove is a training aid and can be used in competition. Currently there are no rules that prohibit the use of the ProShot Glove.    

World Champion, Mika Immonen says,"I have used the "ProShot Glove" and I think it will help amateurs to improve.  Anyone using the "ProShot Glove" will see improvement almost immedately." For more information regarding the ProShot Glove please visit           

Billiard Master Weapon [aka Billiard Aim Trainer (BAT) II]  
The Billiard Master Weapon [aka The Billiard Aim Trainer (BAT™) II] is the world's first pool trainer that teaches the superior three-cut system of billiards. It also enables a player to more easily visualize the "ghost ball". 

The Billiard Master Weapon sits on the pool table and uses a combination of references to show the player the exact cue ball path for targeting; the degree of the angle; the contact point, and exactly how much of the object ball needs to be cut. This patented invention requires neither batteries nor do you need any technical skill to learn the key concepts of pocketing balls. Any person, of any skill level can quickly become a better pool player within minutes of using the Billiard Master Weapon.

Each Billiard Master Weapon comes packed in a hard clam-shell, attractive, luxurious and tough carrying case, keychain, multi-lingual instruction booklet and a download link to a 52 page manual that shows you how to improve your game.  

The Billiard Master Weapon is being marketed by Dershr Manufacturing Co, Ltd who is focused on creating high quality and innovative training tools and accessories for the billiards player. The company has a unique perspective on teaching and enhancing the game of billiards.

For more information regarding the Billiard Master Weapon please visit  

Shot Pad - Pool and Billiard Notepad
A SHOT PAD is the perfect companion to any pool player trying to improve their game.

It is a sketch pad with sample pool tables to enable a pool player to take detailed notes on shots they miss or want to practice. There are easy-to-use indicators to mark ball speed and english. The SHOT PAD is pocket-size (3"x4.5") so that it can be easily carried in a pool cue case or pocket. Use your SHOT PAD to:    
  • Draw the shots you miss
  • Plan your next practice session
  • Remember a pattern
  • Take notes after a lesson
  • Take notes during a match
For more information regarding the Shot Pad please visit

Play Like a Pro DVDs and Workbooks  
A three-DVD set featuring World Champion Thorsten Hohmann, with companion workbooks.

From beginner to pro. Developed by and featuring European coach Ralph G. Eckert and Germany’s national coach Andreas Huber. Workbooks authored by Eckert, Huber, and Jorgen Sandman, Norwegian and Austrian head coach. This amazing workout system has been officially endorsed by The World Pool-Billiard Association.  

This three-DVD set, each with a Workbook, will not only let you find out how good you are via skill assessments, but will help you become a better pool player through special exercises—part of the Playing Ability Test (PAT). Learn more about this new product at     

The Total Shot Trainer
The Total Shot Trainer is a hands-on training aid that teaches the three parts of a pool shot all at one time: aim; cue ball path; and speed control. 

The Total Shot Trainer stays on the table throughout the shot.  It will not move, and it does not interfere with action of the cue ball or the object ball.  The player will learn to see the aim line, predict the cue ball path (position route) and feel the speed of the cue ball to play exact position - all as parts of one total shot.   

Reusable ball markers are used to reinforce learning and for freelance practice.  A game called “Hit the Zone” is included to make learning fun.  Also, “The 10 Steps to Consistency” are included to help the player develop a solid routine at the table.  Learn more about this new product online at

Buddy Hall DVD Set/Buddy Hall Cue Guide  
The Buddy Hall DVD Set has been endorsed to bear the BCA Seal of Approval, and includes two of Hall's greatest instructional videos, "How Do You Win From Here" and "Buddy Hall's Clock System" on a single DVD.

A BCA Hall of Famer, Buddy explains "how to win, step by step" while demonstrating more than 50 safeties, in a video that you'll watch over and over again. Considered to have the greatest cue ball control in the world, he illustrates how to get cue-ball position through reference points off a rail in his "Clock System" video. The technique is a modified diamond system plus cue-ball spin system, based on where you hit the cue ball.   

The Buddy Hall Cue Guide was developed in 1986 by Ruben Rodriguez, who came up with a simple device that lets you work on that aspect of your game even if you don't have a table at home. "I noticed that a lot of players don't improve," he said, "and at the same time I noticed that the best players all had clean, straight strokes. I tried the old pop-bottle thing, where you put a bottle on its side and stroked the tip into it. But after the opening, the bottle flares out, and it didn't really help the wobble in my own stroke. In 1986 I developed a tube, began using it, and noticed my game improved. So did others who used it. In 1988 I applied for a patent and began producing them."  

Buddy Hall stopped at E.O.'s High Society Billiards in Salt Lake City to do an exhibition match with local Mark Tadd, a friend of Rodriguez's. "He thought the product was effective, and wanted to get involved. It's now called the Buddy Hall Cue Guide." Both of the approved Buddy Hall training aids can be found at
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